Dollar General Hours – Open, Close, Today, Sunday & Holiday Hours

Dollar general store is one of the most popular general store chains in the United States. As of October 2021, Dollar General operates 18000 general stores all across the United States. The company was initiated in 1939 as a family business in Kentucky called J.L. Turner and Son. In 1955 the name changed to The Dollar Store corporation, and the company went public in 1968. Dollar General got a Fortune 500 listing in 1999 and by 2020 reached #112. Dollar General is the most profitable of all General Stores in the United States, with revenue reaching $27 billion in 2019.

The company had begun with an investment of $5000 each. However, the company switched to retailing in the early 1950s, resulting in around $2 million annual sales. In 1955, Cal Turner came up with the idea of selling goods for a dollar, based on the dollar days promotion that was usual in the United States, and converted Turner’s Department Store into the first dollar store.

The company co-founded by Cal Turner went public as Dollar General Corporation in 1968, posting annual sales of 40 million and net revenue of 1.5 million. In 1977, Cal Turner Jr. became the head of the company, and under his leadership, the company grew to more than 6000 stores with 6 billion dollars in sales till he retired in 2002.

Dollar General Hours

Usually, the store operates from 8 am to 9 pm. For most holidays like Thanksgiving or Independence Day, the stores open early and close late to accommodate the extra shopping needs of customers.

Dollar General HoursOpening TimeClosing Time
Sunday8 am9 pm
Monday8 am9 pm
Tuesday8 am9 pm
Wednesday8 am9 pm
Thursday8 am9 pm
Friday8 am9 pm
Saturday8 am9 pm
Sunaday8 am9 pm

Dollar General Holiday Hours

 Its opening hours are from 7 am to 10 pm during holidays on any usual day.

Dollar General Social Media Accounts:

 Dollar General has a significant presence on social media, whether it be Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. They have individual pages on Facebook and profiles on Twitter and Pinterest. The pages and accounts are used for advertising their schemes and regular events so that there is enough publicity and no dearth of footfall during their events.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Times Does Dollar General open?

Dollar General opens at 8 am.

 What Time Dollar General Close?

Dollar General closed at 9 pm.

Is Dollar General Today Open?

Yes, it is open today.

What Time Does Dollar General close Tonight?

Dollar General closes at 9 pm tonight.

Is Dollar General Open on Sundays?

Yes, Dollar General is usually open on Sundays

Dollar General Memorial Day Hours?

Dollar General has normal hours on Memorial Day.

What Time Does Dollar General Open on Saturday?

Dollar General opens at 8 am on Saturday

Is Dollar General Open Tomorrow?

Yes, Dollar General is open on all 7 days of the week except on Christmas and Easter.

Last Words

Starting from one store, Dollar General has now become a chain of 18000 stores in the continental United States. Rightly, The Wall Street Journal called them “Rural America’s store of choice.” Extremely low prices and quality goods make them a convenient choice for rural America. Frequent promotions and long working hours are also what make them an ideal choice.

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